Project Location: San Francisco, California


Architectural Research

Architectural Design

How can an expression of movement, where parts of buildings, city blocks, or neighborhoods begin to overlap and provide common ground as a response to the earthquakes that plague the city?

As a coastal city, factoring in current and future sea level rise provides opportunities for further interactions between land and water, rich and poor, and creating new habitats layered on top of the old.

This alternate San Franciscan reality provides a future in which political, exonomic, and social disparities exist in moderation

As the studio continues this fall, visit the site below for the most up-to-date works.



2200 Grand AvenueArchitecture

input : formDigital Fabrication

CoexistingUrban Design

wellAVTransportation Design

3D Printed TilesFabrication

Architectural RoboticsDigital Fabrication

PrismaDesign Build

Open Book NookDesign Build

Plano-BlockUnit Design

Post Digital MediaDigital Fabrication