Project Location: New York, New York

Project Team: Matt Koepke, Lauren Stokes


Architectural Design

Parasitic Design



Tasked with creating a vertical campus for the makers of Chelsea, Manhattan and housing for a university, our project additionally seeks to question the programmatic gentrification that has occurred in Chelsea.

Given the changing environment that is Chelsea, our goal isn’t to reinstate the shops that have disappeared over time, but to revitalize the program of the neighborhood. Straying away from high end living, shopping, food, and galleries, our space invites people from all walks of life to participate in changing cultural and societal events in our space.

Reacting to the changing environment around them, students at the Chelsea School of Set Design (CSSD) use their creative power to respond to engaging audiences through the visual appeals of performing arts. The CSSD takes hold on one of the art galleries below, penetrating it with a gateway to the creative potential and inclusivity above.


Interlocking rings of program signify the connection that holds the group together. The floating rings are connected vertically, yet never horizontally, so as to mock the exclusivity of the contextual program.

Circulation / University / Residence

Highline View
Program Diagram
Hudson Bay View
Exploded Axon + Plan

Students at the CSSD conceptualize, design, fabricate, and implement the sets that local, regional, and professional artists and performers utilize during performances.

Three vertically moving stages access studio spaces for setup, and various level of performance, High Line, mid-level, and peak. The view from the Husdon Bay (above) showcases accessible greenroofs for the residents.


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