Project Team: Robyn Fritze, Luke Jerome, Lauren Stokes, Samarth Vachhrajani


Transportation Design

Architectural Design


During a virtual summer internship with Corgan, our team had the opportunity to work on an intern design sprint with the dedicated research team, HUGO. Setting a very broad stage, we had to incorporate three elements to our project:


Human Behavior
Primary Resarch findings

Architectural Typology

Changing the typology of a waiting room from impersonal and stagnant to interactive and calming using autonomous technology is the future of how we can use fluid spaces more efficiently and to our benefit.

Waiting is no longer a series of moments, but a seamless mobile experience fueled by autonomy and biofeedback, engaging the passenger(s) as they move seamlessly onto their medical visit.

Agility & Focus Group

In light of the recent pandemic, along with rising awareness of our personal and public health and safety, our perceptions around familiar spaces, like waiting rooms, have changed. 

What if time spent anxiously driving to a doctor’s appointment and waiting in a lobby full of other patients was instead an experience that could calm, relax, and connect mothers, fathers, and children together?

Targeting new parents and their babies, the wellAV provides an escape from worrisome and anxiety-inducing waiting spaces as this autonomous vehicle encourages a sense of calmness, composure, and metal agility.

Emerging Technology

Utilitzing biofeedback and autonomy, we are able to provide a space in place of a waiting room for users to relax, unwind, and connect. The biofeedback sensors throughout the wellAV measure the heartrate, perspiration levels, temperature, and respiratory rate of the user and adapt to the measurements and personal preferences to provide an environment that will help to stregthen the user's mental agility.


Timeline of Usage

2200 Grand AvenueArchitecture

input : formDigital Fabrication

CoexistingUrban Design

3D Printed TilesFabrication

Architectural RoboticsDigital Fabrication

Atlas San FranciscoArchitectural Research

PrismaDesign Build

Open Book NookDesign Build

Plano-BlockUnit Design

Post Digital MediaDigital Fabrication