Plaster Cast 1:1 Model


Iowa Masonry Association Unit Design Competition Runner-Up

Team: Donovan Bunn, Matt Koepke, Chris Perez, Lauren Stokes


Construction Unit Design

Architectural Design


Plano-Block seeks to utilize the standard confines of a concrete masonry unit (CMU) mold in order to get the most out of the casting process. Stemming from a desire to see greater fluidity and modularity in building, Plano-Block would yield greater design potentials by breaking the standard confines of straight-angle configurations. In doing so, we utilized our mold to produce the six blocks shown below:

(1) Plano Concave

(1) Plano Convex

(4) Semicircular

Mold Configuration
Perspective View as a green wall

This design can be seen not only within the realm of architectural design, but also landscape architecture to provide configurations such as green walls, exhibition pavilions, and retaining walls, as seen in the rendering above.

Curved Wall Configuration
Straight Line Configuration
Round Configuration
Plaster Cast 1:1 Model

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