Prisma (perspective)




Project Location: Ames, Iowa

Project Team: ISU Architecture Class of 2021

Featured in Iowa Architect Magazine - Fall 2018, pg. 8


Design Build

Architectural Design


Made of 50 cedar beams, 30 steel hubs, 9 woven hammocks, and over 1000 iridescent acrylic squares, PRISMA was designed as an age-friendly, interactive kinetic pavilion by 77 students and supervised by 5 faculty members at Iowa State University.

Commissioned by Reiman Gardens in Ames, IA, the installation was in conjunction part of the Forces of Nature kinetic art exhibit, along with sculptor George Sherwood.

An intriquite series of angular systems create PRISMA, that lead to places of rest or climbing upon hand-woven hammocks or places of wonder beneath acrylic that spun and shone in the breeze.

Full installation at Reiman Gardens took place in April 2018. The installation remained for nearly two years.

Perspective Render
Classmates assembling Prisma on-site
Classmates assembling Prisma on-site
Classmates assembling Prisma on-site

Photography above by Chris Gannon

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